• pepeha - māori introduction

    Kia ora - "be well and healthy".

    As we say where I'm from - ey up!

    My maunga (mountain) is Kinder Scout, my awa (river) is the Irk.

    My iwi (people) are Celtic - from Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

    I live with my family in Whakatū, Aotearoa (Nelson, New Zealand).

    My name is Gareth Edwards, a.k.a. Ganapati or simply 'G'.

I've no idea what you want to know about me.

So perhaps a brief history would help you.

A Brief History Of Gareth Edwards

Hopefully you get a sense of where I'm coming from.

If you want to see me in action check out the links below.

And if you feel I can be of use, then let's talk.

TV, Radio and Podcasts

I appear in Ep 6 of this incredible podcast memoirs of mental health in the modern age.

You can hear me talking on the ABC radio show 'Ways To Stay Alive' - starts at 7m 38s

Here's when I got the good folk at TV3 laughing for no reason…